What I Stand for:

Trust, credibility, passion, integrity. These principles and many others are part of my Hispanic upbringing–the core values and foundation to my character.

What I Admire About Hispanic Culture

The strength of the Hispanic culture at its core, is its genuineness. It has withstood language and geographical borders to become an economic juggernaut.

What My Parents Taught me About Leading Others

My parents taught me that leading by example is the best way to demonstrate your authenticity. And that a dollar earned means more than a dollar found.

My Advice to Hispanic Professionals

My advice is simply to be mindful of the journey that got you to where you are today–not only your individual accomplishments but those of your ancestors.

My Personal Brand

Looking beyond the obvious and below the surface of surrounding and predominant currents to determine where, when and how to act, to optimize opportunity.

The Mentors that Influenced my Leadership

The mentors that have influenced my leadership most are my parents. They are my center, my foundation, my guiding light amidst both rough and calm seas.

A Corporate Leadership Journey Built on the Strengths of My Hispanic Heritage

04/06/2015 03:39pm

The CHL Academy experience was in a way a coming of age moment for me. I never really gave any thought to the idea that my Hispanic heritage had been so instrumental in my personal journey through corporate America. While I have always been keenly aware of my hispanicity and how I define myself within its context, I had never really reflected and identified how it affected, shaped, and continues to shape my management style. There are leadership programs that focus on leveraging strengths, but CHL Academy has afforded me, for the first time in my professional career, an opportunity to personally delve into, and conclusively identify the genesis of my ability to lead. Through CHL Academy, I was able to see clearly how and why my background was a breeding ground for honing my skills as a leader.

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About the Author

Daniel Rivera

Senior Director: Product Flow and Supply Chain, CVS Health

Daniel is currently the Senior Director of product flow and supply chain for CVSHealth. Daniel has full responsibility for Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment which accounts for over 50% of the annual inventory spend. Daniel is also responsible for Reverse Logistics, Seasonal and New Item allocations and Business Systems support which include Master Data Management and EDI to name a few. Daniel is also responsible for Speed to Market launches and is member of the Omni Channel committee developing Omni Channel and flexible fulfillment strategies. Daniel was recognized with the CVS Breakthrough award for innovative solutions around the CVS speed to Market Strategy within his first 6 Months with organization.

Daniel Rivera is a dynamic and driven executive with over twenty five years in leadership positions of increasing responsibility. Daniel’s diverse leadership background has encompassed front line distribution and logistics, operations, supply chain planning and analytics, retail operations, business development, industrial engineering and Omni Channel / e-Commerce / technical support. Daniel has excelled in multiple strategic and leadership roles where he spearheaded significant performance and profitability improvements by delivering or exceeding business objectives, improving execution levels, and recruiting and developing high performing teams. Daniel is known for his integrity, strategic thinking, cross functional leadership, and commitment to organizational and community values.