What I Stand for

What I stand for is Family, Integrity, Courage and Respect. Providing service to others during challenging times is important to me. I firmly believe in helping others realize their potential.

What I Admire About Hispanic Culture

What I admire about the Hispanic culture is the devotion to family, the genuine interest to help others and seeing passion turn dreams into reality.

What My Parents Taught me About Leading Others

Be thankful for the simple things in life, to learn from my mistakes and to not forget that they were always there to support me. They instilled upon me respect for others, service to others and the importance of education.

My Advice to Hispanic Professionals

My advice to Hispanic professionals is to be genuine in your efforts, remain committed to education, network and do not forget where you came from. Become a mentor to others and do not hesitate to take calculated risks.

My Personal Brand

My personal brand is to be myself, utilize my experience and education to engage in genuine discussions with others to see opportunities and to help others during difficult times.

The Mentors that Influenced my Leadership

Saw my potential, strengths and understood my goals. Challenged me and at times and provided me honest feedback for not realizing my true potential and of not exhibiting the actions to obtain my goals.

How much culture influences one’s leadership role in the workplace

06/12/2016 06:29am

My experience at the CHL Academy was an amazing reintroduction and a realization of how much culture influences one’s leadership role in the workplace.

I did not know what to expect at the CHL Academy. This sentiment was the apparent common theme amongst some of the other attendees I met on Day One of the Academy. However, over the course of the Academy I was able to make some observations I previously overlooked.

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About the Author

Hector Chavez

Manager – Employee & Labor Relations at City Of Hope

Hector M. Chavez is the Manager, Employee & Labor Relations at City of Hope.

City of Hope, an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, is an innovative biomedical research, treatment and educational institution dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer and other life-threatening illness.

As Manager, Employee & Labor Relations at City of Hope, Hector’s main function is the interpretation and application of Human Resources policies, procedures, practices, and in the negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements.

In this role he consults with managers on performance management; investigations; managing conflict; resolving both formal and informal disputes.

City of Hope is comprised of 5,000 employees and maintains Collective Bargaining Agreements with six (6) labor unions.

Hector is the Founder of Latinos for Hope, a City of Hope diversity resource group. Latinos for Hope was established to support City of Hope’s mission of transforming the future of health and to promote City of Hope’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Hector has over 25 years of Human Resources experience within the healthcare, entertainment and manufacturing industries.

Hector is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management, the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration of the American Hospital Association, National Forum for Latino Healthcare Executives and a member of Professionals in Human Resources Administration.

Hector was born in Los Angeles, California and he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California, Riverside.