What I stand for

Genuine integrity, which means doing the right thing in all situations and circumstances, even when no one is watching. It takes courage to do the right thing regardless of the consequences and this builds a reputation of integrity and trust.

What I admire about Hispanic Culture

The commitment to family, religion and heritage. Latinos have a lot of passion for the people they love and the opportunities in life, which they show by helping others that are less fortunate and lifting one another in our tight knit community.

What my parents taught me about leading others

The biggest lesson was to read and to develop myself. I discovered the type of leader I wanted to be by reading books such as Earning Serendipity. They taught me that if I always thought like a student, I would execute like a leader.

My advice to Hispanic professionals

Read and prepare yourself to increase your emotional intelligence. This will give you the capacity to have great interpersonal relationships. Be authentic to who you are and share your passion. Use your cultural traits to stand out from the crowd.

My personal brand is

My personal brand is to keep growing by helping others grow. A beautiful symbiosis comes from teaching others. One of my most rewarding experiences was being asked to be a mentor. It inspired me to be better and gave me the confidence to keep going.

The mentor that influenced my leadership is

Someone that believed in my potential and invested the time to ensure I had success. They helped me build on my ideas; gave me advice and feedback; shared their experiences; and I always had a way to reach them.

Laura's CHL Academy Experience

22/09/2015 10:38am

My experience with CHL Academy was something I will never forget. It has propelled my career to new levels and continues to be a foundation of learning for me. 

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About the Author

Laura Gonzalez

Solutions Manager at Verizon Wireless

Laura Gonzalez is currently a Solutions Manager at Verizon Wireless’s Destination store in Houston, Texas. The Verizon Houston Destination Store, one of only  six in the country, is a 12,000 Sq. Ft. location with  two Floors and  six Lifestyle Zones specifically designed to cater to the lifestyle of all customers. It is truly a destination for Verizon’s innovative technology. There, Laura is responsible for leading a team of 10 specialists to excel in guest satisfaction while exceeding business metrics and key performance indicators. During its launch in November 2014, Laura was chosen to represent Houston Destination in the media at local morning show Great Day Houston and at a series of technology segments for the Spanish media. Laura also remains active in the community by attending events, such as Hispanic Chamber events. She leads an initiative to create and award a technology badge for the local girl scouts troops based on their completion of a technology workshop facilitated by her team at the Destination store.

Laura is a creative and self-motivated leader with over 13 years of experience in the wireless industry. She has led her own results in sales operations, business-to-business and indirect sales. She has led teams in retail and indirect agents channel. She has a proven track record of exceeding results while creating a team culture that focuses on internal job satisfaction through employee development with an outward focus on a customers-first mentality. This model has led to high performing teams within her organization and to her increased personal growth as a leader. Laura is known for her integrity and reputation and believes that if you do the right thing for your customers, your team and yourself, results and success will follow. She has built trust in her leadership and through CHL Academy has learned to  embrace further her Hispanic culture to better connect with the Latin community.