Best Place to Work: Create Your Corporate Values By Design, Not By Accident

05/22/2015 11:32AM

Corporations desire to create a culture that embraces a market-driven mentality; where each leader can be more effective at seeing and seizing opportunities, previously unseen – all the way through to the end.   Their goal is to acquire the skills and characteristics to be 21st century leaders that embrace transformation and change management; authenticity and agility; corporate social responsibility and sustainability; innovation and creativity, diversity of thought and that exemplify courageous thinking in a highly collaborative environment. 

The desired outcome of this two-day training program is to infuse a high-performance culture whereby every leader’s identity is defined, understood and valued.  Where the impact and influence of the team’s contributions reverberate throughout the organization – and sets the standard for leadership excellence.

Through group-think situational analyses, case studies and pre-work assessments, participants will:

·      Learn the six characteristics of the 21st century leader and how they prepare you to most effectively see and seize opportunities in the new marketplace. 

·      Align their leadership role and responsibilities to more authentically amplify and create greater impact and influence through their own areas of responsibility and the entire department.

·      Learn the four skills to elevate team performance that embraces diversity of thought and create a department culture that fosters innovation and initiative.

·      Awaken their full potential by discovering their most authentic leadership identity and how to most effectively leverage it to create powerful networks and ecosystems (internally and externally).

·      Become market-driven leaders that can anticipate crisis and manage change before circumstances force their hand.  Participants will embrace a new leadership mindset based on 8 critical realities of the new marketplace.

·      Learn to think of your employees as an innovation lab to maximize employee engagement in abundance, by identifying and leveraging their strengths and stretching their capabilities. 

Seize the Opportunity

What happens in the workplace translates into marketplace performance.  Shared values cultivate a workplace culture that should serve as the ultimate platform to drive growth, innovation and opportunity. Without the right shared values everyone can embrace, workplace cultures harbor contradictions and conflicts, fueled by silos where leadership agendas abound and disengaged employees lack the right mindset to perform at their best.

Effective workplace cultures support high-performance through both diversity of thought and like-mindedness in approach, style and attitude.  Strong corporate cultures blend the strengths of people while celebrating their individuality and authenticity in support of an organization’s vision and mission.   It takes great leadership to keep a workplace culture on the right path and continuously improving. 

Leaders, regardless of hierarchy or rank, must be held accountable to communicate, illustrate and reinforce the values that will help the company achieve its missions, goals and objectives. 

In today’s rapid-paced, talent-based, trust-demanding world of work, remaining competitive requires leadership characteristics that serve as the foundation upon which organizations grow and reinvent themselves.  The foundation for great leadership demands a mindset that embraces transformation and change management; authenticity and agility; corporate social responsibility and sustainability; innovation, creativity and diversity of thought that exemplifies courageous thinking in a highly collaborative environment to achieve success in a globally competitive marketplace.

Embrace the Approach

A well-defined workplace culture in support of 21st century leadership embraces the following shared values to sustain high-performance and competitive advantage through these six characteristics:   

1. The Inspiration to See Opportunities In Everything

A 21st century leader sees opportunities everywhere, every day, and makes the most of them. Many are opportunities others don't see.

Associated behaviors include:

·      Visionary, Forward Thinking

·      The Glass is Always Half Full

·      Sees Things Others Don’t

·      Introduces New Ways of Doing Things

·      Hopeful, Positive Attitude

2. The Flexibility to Anticipate the Unexpected

Because 21st century leaders can see opportunity in everything, it gives them wide-angle, circular vision to anticipate crisis and manage change before circumstances force their hand. 

Associated behaviors include:

·      Strategic Focus

·      Change Agent

·      Crisis Management is Second-Nature

·      Adaptable; Flexible

·      Works Well Under Pressure

3. The Freedom to Unleash Your Passionate Pursuits

A 21st century leader inspires and motivates others through their own passion and commitment to explore endless possibilities.

Associated behaviors include:

·      Beliefs

·      Courageous

·      Pioneer/Trailblazer

·      Strives for Excellence

·      Explorer of Possibilities

4. The Room to Live With an Entrepreneurial Spirit

A 21st century leader is entrepreneurial by nature, constantly building relationships, taking smart risks, learning rapidly – all with the objective of making a positive impact. 

Associated behaviors include:

·      Connects the Dots

·      Effectively Utilizes Resources

·      Values Relationships; Invests in People

·      Focused on Building Momentum

·      Always Looking to Make Things Better

5. The Trust to Work With a Generous Purpose

A 21st century leader must understand the importance of having everyone’s best interests at heart.  They work with a generous purpose and fuel momentum for themselves and others. 

Associated behaviors include:

·      Promotes Honest and Direct Feedback

·      Trust, Transparency

·      Promotes the Spirit of Giving and Sharing

·      Advances Themselves by Serving Others

·      Have Each Other’s Backs

6. The Respect to Lead To Leave a Legacy

Success comes most to those surrounded by people who want their success to continue.  A 21st century leader understands the importance of reciprocity and how legacies are built. 

Associated behaviors include:

·      Team First Mentality; Collaboration

·      Treats Others Like Family

·      Sustainability, Reciprocity

·      Respect Before Recognition

·      Protects What  They Stand for

The leadership values you promulgate within your organizations should be explicit, thoughtful and authentic.  In a world of rapid change, increasing transparency and competition for the best talent, leaders that fail to commit to who they are and what they represent as leaders will put their companies and their people at great risk.   Embracing these six characteristics allow you to create a workplace culture where its leadership is consciously cultivating innovation and initiative by choice, not by accident.

It is through these six characteristics of the 21st century leader that participants will achieve a balanced proficiency of the following four skills to seize opportunity in the new marketplace:

·      A broadened observation to most effectively identify new and previously unseen opportunities for growth and success;

·      An entrepreneurial approach to continually innovate and embrace change;

·      An applied strategic focus to grow the opportunities of greatest potential, and;

·      A social responsibility awareness that allows leaders to be more purposeful and trustworthy intentions

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