Align Content to Unique Needs and Perspectives

05/25/2015 01:44PM

Content Development

Beyond content licensing of our onsite and online professional development curriculum that provides companies with the content infrastructure and know-how to be an Academy Company for top Hispanic talent, we can also develop content for your organization in support of your specific leadership and professional development goals for Hispanics.

Content created for your professional development needs leverages the design, framework, in-culture know-how and learning engagement tools of CHL Academy, which has been proven to support the advancement of top Hispanic talent and leadership for organizations seeking competitive advantage.

Original content created for your company’s learning and development objectives may include summit content design and modules to achieve maximum engagement; and workplace culture content designed to support a best-place-to-work environment for top Hispanic talent.

To learn more, please contact Annette Prieto-Llopis, Vice President of Client Relations at 949-387-2609 or via email at

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