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In-Culture Customized Content Platform and Career Center

06/01/2015 10:42PM

By Glenn Llopis

Working in concert with City of Hope (COH), a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases near Los Angeles, California with clinics in Antelope Valley and South Pasadena, CHL Academy developed a comprehensive in-culture content and communications platform ( to reach and engage the Hispanic population that represents 46% of their service area. Designated as a comprehensive cancer center, the highest recognition bestowed by the National Cancer Institute, COH is also a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, with research and treatment protocols that advance care throughout the nation.

Current Situation:

How will cultural demographic shift revolutionize the healthcare business in the U.S. as an increasing percentage of Hispanics will become insured, while the ratio of those who are culturally competent enough to best serve them, is declining -- inevitably leading to a significant change management wave in the healthcare industry.

For example, Hispanics account for only five percent of physicians in the U.S.  Beyond Hispanics, preparing for the cultural demographic shift  - is a burning platform that healthcare stakeholders are not addressing enough – as the industry itself transitions from a physician-led to patient-centric business model.   Not because healthcare executives are ignoring it, or don't believe it's important, but rather, there exists a widening gap of intellectual capital about how to best serve the rapidly growing minority patient populations and recruit a more diverse workforce to serve them; and more diverse executives into the boardroom, as well as a lack of strategic know-how to more effectively engage more minorities into clinical trials, and improve community outreach and marketing efforts to help educate these diverse communities to be more preventive in their care – and how to identify the right external partnerships and resources to strengthen their overall value proposition.

Solution:   Healthy Hispanic LivingContent Platform and Career Center

The rapid growth of the U.S. Hispanic population is at the forefront of the cultural shift. It is quickly changing the business of health, from genetic research and the need for more culturally competent physician care to the urgent call-to-action amongst Hispanics themselves to become more educated about preventive care and self-advocacy. How Hispanics proactively tend to their healthcare needs and that of their families will demand a strategic and highly collaborative effort amongst Hispanic patients, medical institutions, corporations and government leaders that influences the business of healthcare both directly and indirectly.

Medical institutions, retail-healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, STEM educators, financial and insurance service providers and consumer brands must all be actively involved in the conversation. More than that, they must invest to solve for the growing “opportunity gaps” preventing Hispanics from pursuing careers in the healthcare and biomedical fields. 

The premise of Healthy Hispanic Living (HHL) is to serve as a platform to prepare U.S. leadership for the cultural demographic shift. It encourages medical institutions, corporations and brands that can influence educational and community outreach, and advance research, treatment and the overall delivery of health and wellness services. By becoming more culturally proficient, together we can authentically lead, innovate and engage with today’s new workforce, patients and consumers. We must support the right business models to best serve Hispanics and all multicultural populations that will represent the new mainstream in America by 2050.  This effort will make us all better equipped and prepared to serve healthcare patients the world over, as we become smarter and more operationally and cost efficient about healthcare delivery – saving more lives in the process.   

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The cultural demographic shift™ in the United States is about the workplace and marketplace telling us that it is becoming less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business. This is exactly why Hispanics – both entering the workplace in search of the right employer who will allow them to be their authentic selves as well as those professionals who have been battling the gulf between assimilation and authenticity – are now ready to advance as 21st century leaders by activating their immigrant perspective; that is, the influence their cultural values have on the natural ways they think, act and are motivated to perform at work.