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Partnership with CHL Academy to help NAIFA Members Serve Growing Hispanic Market

06/01/2015 10:33PM

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – A new partnership between NAIFA and the California-based Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) Academy a division of Glenn Llopis Group (GLG) will give NAIFA members access to cutting-edge tools and resources to help them reach the largest growing minority in the U.S.: the Hispanic community.

NAIFA and CHL Academy announced the partnership today, along with the range of products and services available as members increase their efforts to meet the financial services needs of diverse communities across the country.

“NAIFA’s Advisor 2020 report details how the rapid population growth in immigrant communities is transforming the U.S. into a minority-majority country,” said NAIFA President Juli McNeely, LUTCF, CRP, CLU. “Now, more than ever, NAIFA members need to enhance their skills, knowledge and networks to tap into and serve these growing markets. This partnership is just the beginning of a series of initiatives NAIFA will provide to prepare our members for 2020 and beyond.”

According to Advisor 2020, the key to reaching diverse markets will be developing a high level of trust and confidence with clients. However, the report notes, “the real impact” will come with the ability to achieve “cultural competency” – a combination of emotional and social intelligence that will allow agents and advisors to effectively interact with people of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

“The days of simply implementing a traditional diversity strategy and calling it a day are over,” said Glenn Llopis. “Leveraging the cultural demographic shift calls for a business model and full-scale strategies that prepare agents and advisors to connect with this workforce and consumer segment.”

Hispanics represent 16 percent of the U.S. population and that number is projected to reach 30 percent by 2050, Llopis said. “Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group and the fastest growing economic and political bloc that is poised to revive and renew America out of its recent economic struggles. CHL Academy’s services, methodology and expansive expertise will give NAIFA members the tools and cultural intelligence to thrive in this market.”

Under the partnership, NAIFA and CHL Academy will collaborate to support the following products and programs for NAIFA members:

•        Webinars for NAIFA members only. The first webinar, “Building the Hispanic Market Through a Cultural Engagement Lens,” will debut March 11. Llopis will be the featured speaker.

•        The CHL Academy “Personal Branding” online training program, which CHL Academy will offer to NAIFA members

•        CHL Academy training and information resources available on the CHL Academy KnowYourHispanics website.

•        A microsite with content developed specifically for NAIFA members on

•        Articles by CHL Academy published in each issue of NAIFA’s Advisor Today and regularly posted on the AT Blog.

•        NAIFA will provide content for CHL Academy’s websites.

CHL Academy also will deliver presentations at the NAIFA 2015 Career Conference and Annual Meeting this fall, with sessions on the Main Stage and a one-hour educational workshop.

About NAIFA: Founded in 1890 as The National Association of Life Underwriters (NALU), NAIFA is one of the nation’s oldest and largest associations representing the interests of insurance professionals from every Congressional district in the United States. NAIFA members assist consumers by focusing their practices on one or more of the following: life insurance and annuities, health insurance and employee benefits, multiline, and financial advising and investments. NAIFA’s mission is to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhance business and professional skills, and promote the ethical conduct of its members.

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The cultural demographic shift™ in the United States is about the workplace and marketplace telling us that it is becoming less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business. This is exactly why Hispanics – both entering the workplace in search of the right employer who will allow them to be their authentic selves as well as those professionals who have been battling the gulf between assimilation and authenticity – are now ready to advance as 21st century leaders by activating their immigrant perspective; that is, the influence their cultural values have on the natural ways they think, act and are motivated to perform at work.