Did you Know? Executive Coaching

05/25/2015 01:48PM

Much like you match job opportunities with your qualifications, you must do the same with finding a mentor or executive coach. Only you know what your goals, desires, dreams and aspirations are and what type of person can help you get there. Although finding a mentor can happen serendipitously, don’t wait and create the opportunity for yourself.

Mentors do not have to be from the same industry, gender or generation.  Open your mind to new possibilities by working outside of your comfort zone, and by always being accountable. Your mentor is monitoring your progress and when you slip, they will begin to reevaluate the time they are committing to the relationship.

The mentor-mentee relationship represents two-sides of the same coin (the unwritten rule in mentorship). Making the relationship work requires you to equally create new opportunities for your mentor. Be mindful of the value you can add to the relationship. A good mentor will appreciate it when you can reciprocate.

Executive coaching takes leadership as a learned behavior to a higher level that becomes unconscious and automatic over time.  These are the most successful leaders who have executive presence and stand out from the crowd as instinctual decision-makers who can make important decisions about an issue in the time it takes others to understand the question. They learn to become immune to the pressures of leadership by becoming extremely intuitive about the process of decision-making and managing other people.

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