21st Century Leadership and Seizing Opportunity in the New Marketplace

05/22/2015 12:39PM

The rapidly changing marketplace is being defined by global competitiveness, and consumers and clients that are more multigenerational, transient, mobile, diverse and socially conscious than ever before.   In a business landscape that puts a premium on innovation, trust, loyalty and sustainability, this requires a new enlightened form of leadership that recognizes the interplay between profit and purpose – that knows being entrepreneurial and being socially responsible are no longer mutually exclusive.   

Today’s leaders must see opportunities previously unseen, embrace risk as the new normal, and create a generational and cultural mosaic in the workplace.    This represents the leadership foundation upon which organizations grow and reinvent themselves – by supporting transformation and change management; authenticity and agility; corporate social responsibility and sustainability; innovation and creativity.  

The 21st century leader must continuously navigate the changing terrain of the marketplace and a business climate where customers are partners in creating new paradigms.    As such, instead of forcing the changing face of America to assimilate and always see through their lens, leaders must now learn to see through the lens of others and be culturally authentic when building and communicating their brands.

Leadership today requires a new holistic, inclusive approach that is strategic in leveraging the cultural demographic shift and the unique differences and diversity of thought that are embedded within this shift that is impacting the workplace and the marketplace.    Twenty-first century leaders know that listening and practicing patience are just as important as seeing opportunities and knowing when to take action.  That encouraging others to speak up and empowering their voices relieves tension points and drives innovation and growth in the 21st century workplace – ultimately enabling them to leave a lasting leadership legacy.

Unfortunately, American business leaders are having trouble navigating this changing terrain and keeping up with the changes in the new workplace and global marketplace.  The more they lose ground, the more America’s corporations will lose impact and influence and the harder it will be to catch up.  As a result, U.S. businesses risk falling further behind in marketplaces around the world.

This spirit of survival, renewal and reinvention springs from the following six leadership characteristics that are critical for the 21st century leader who wants to capture new marketplace opportunities and sustain growth.  At the same time, embracing diversity and the cultural demographic shift that is reinventing the competitive landscape will help transition the workplace into a high-performance organization that will be fueled by diversity of thought and the innovation lab that blossoms by embracing unique differences. 

  1. See Opportunity in Everything:  Adopt an Immigrant Mindset
  2. Anticipate the Unexpected:  Employ Your Circular Vision 
  3. Unleash Your Passionate Pursuits:  Create Endless Possibilities
  4. Live With an Entrepreneurial Spirit:  Innovation Comes Second Nature
  5. Work With  a Generous Purpose:  Sharing the Harvest of Your Success
  6. Embrace Your Culture Promise:  Lead to Leave a Legacy

Other Participant Key Learnings Will Include:

  • Create the greatest impact in the new marketplace and in your career by leveraging your diverse background and cultural nuances as powerful sources of strength.
  • Learn the six characteristics of the 21st century leader and how they prepare you to most effectively see and seize opportunities in the new marketplace.
  • Learn the four skills that elevate team performance when you embrace diversity of thought and unique differences to foster innovation and initiative.
  • Become a market-driven leader that can anticipate crisis and manage change before circumstances force your hand. 
  • Embrace a new leadership mindset based on eight critical realities of the new marketplace.

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