Awakening the Hispanic Factor

05/22/2015 12:37PM

It’s time for Hispanic talent to fulfill its role as the nation’s most valuable untapped resource.   The business development current runs directly through the Hispanic community. So where are the Hispanic thought leaders? Who is building trustworthy, sustainable, and profitable relationships with Hispanic clients and the community at-large?  And what are we doing to recruit the next generation of leaders? 

Hispanic-owned small businesses generate $465 billion in annual sales revenue and have consumer purchasing power estimated to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015. Hispanics represent 16% of the United States population and that number is projected to reach 30% by 2050.  That makes Hispanics the country’s largest economic development engine for reclaiming America’s global competitiveness.  And that brings with it an enormous responsibility for U.S. Hispanics, their employers, their community, and America. Yet Hispanics have become the most isolated community in recent American history.

Awakening the Hispanic Factor is Mr. Llopis’ call to action – a primer about how Hispanics can most effectively succeed as leaders in the workplace and serve as enablers for Hispanic business growth opportunities – those that have previously been unseen. Strong Hispanic leadership is the fuel for enabling revenue growth, product and service innovations, and a new model for serving Hispanic clients.    Mr. Llopis will define the role that Hispanic culture plays in redefining both employee and customer engagement – as featured in his six cultural characteristics framework.

Mr. Llopis believes that Hispanic leaders must take personal responsibility to play a more active role in helping their organizations authentically support Hispanic business opportunities through culturally relevant engagement that earns long-term loyalty and trust.   Hispanics must turn themselves around and escape out from under their leadership identity crisis that has historically limited their advancement.  They must begin to change the conversation  from misrepresented stereotypes  and start being valued and viewed as catalysts (ambassadors)  that help organizations define a new narrative for business growth.

During this program, you will learn:

  • How to activate the six characteristics that allow your Hispanic talent to discover their leadership impact and influence:
    • See Opportunities in Everything
    • Anticipate the Unexpected Through Circular Vision
    • Unleash Their Passionate Pursuits
    • Live with an Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • Work with a Generous Purpose
    • Embrace Their Cultural Promise
  • How leaders can implement the five most important strategies to leverage Hispanic talent and consumer engagement to influence optimal ROI.
  • How your brand(s) must implement  six marketing strategies that most CMO’s ignore:
    • See Consumer Engagement That Others Don’t
    • Establish A Brand Identity that Anticipates the Unexpected
    • Don’t Sell to Hispanics, Teach Them How to Advance
    • Continuous Innovation with Flawless Timing and Execution
    • Promote the Genuine Spirit of Giving
    • Leave a Legacy:  Be a Thought Leader
  • How to identify and utilize your Hispanic Intelligence Quotient in the industry that you serve.
  • How to define  a Hispanic “corporate narrative” that is most authentic and socially responsible.
  • How to view your Hispanic employees and consumers as incremental revenue streams for growth without disrupting your existing business model. 

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