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05/22/2015 12:43PM

These are in fact uncertain times; however, as Glenn Llopis can attest to, during uncertain times great leaders are made. With a market comprised of fickle consumers and workplaces brimming with employees who seek to fit in as they resolve their identity crisis, Mr. Llopis has a vision for the workplace of the future that embraces change and diversity, inspires college and university students to become 21st century leaders and shows corporations and small businesses how to continue to grow in a fast-changing global marketplace.


Born and bred in the U.S. while at the same time deeply aligned to his Hispanic heritage, Mr. Llopis has launched a successful entrepreneurial and corporate career that spans two decades. It is this multifaceted background that has helped him set multiple sales records as well as provide profitable business strategies to industry giants, from Costco to Walmart and myriad others in between.

Additionally, Mr. Llopis has consulted with major corporations on human capital development – specifically Hispanic talent – demonstrating how to best harness and leverage the power of this diverse workforce for a successful and sustainable future. Mr. Llopis is trailblazing the way for a new generation of Hispanic leaders to change the workplace culture to one that embodies both success and significance.

To start turning around society, Mr. Llopis believes you first have to turn around people, by empowering them to discover their full potential – and that is the goal of the Academy.


The Immigrant Perspective on Business Leadership and Innovation

Most leadership programs are tactical and tired. Companies must either figure out how to include the voices of all their workers into the organization in real ways, or they will miss out on the biggest demographic shift. That means missing out on markets, customers, employees – their future.

Mr. Llopis works with organizations to develop authentic leaders that utilize the natural skill-sets and characteristics inherent in their Hispanic cultural roots. The workplace must allow their Hispanic employees to unleash their imagination, their innovative genius, and their passion. Finding employees who can do that and can embrace an uncertain future is key for America’s – and the world’s – economic success going forward.

Mr. Llopis offers insightful, high-energy commentary on current news with his unique immigrant perspective and passion. He focuses on workplace, leadership, and entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial issues. Mr. Llopis has provocative, authoritative things to say about many workplace issues including generational conflict, the economy, the war for talent, entrepreneurial concerns, environmental issues, multi-national issues, diversity and inclusion, and the uncertainty about the future. He believes in an ethical, innovative vision of the future that will lift people of all kinds and in all places. Hispanic employees must shift their thinking from the organization as provider to the organization as enabler.

Why should you hire Glenn Llopis for your next event?

·       Learn how to prepare your leadership for the cultural demographic shift™.  Change management – at its core – requires a new layer of intelligence that embraces the strategic implications of cross-cultural intelligence, innovative teambuilding, marketing strategies, global competitiveness and the new requirements for talent acquisition and consumer engagement.

·       Learn how leaders must develop and manage their personal brands, the unique distinguishing factors that leaders are known for and that they can be expected to deliver to fuel growth, innovation and opportunity through an organization’s business model and corporate strategies.

·       Learn how to view your Hispanic employees and consumers as incremental revenue streams for growth without disrupting your existing business model.   Learn the role that Hispanic culture must play in your business strategies, talent recruitment and acquisition plans –and how talent and business development represent two-sides of the same coin. 

·       Learn how to prepare your leadership for the new healthcare economy.  Learn the new role that executive leadership must play to help reinvent medical institutions from cottage industry to big business mentality – and why the healthcare industry can no longer operate within fragmented silos but must quickly shift to support the cross-pollination of teams and boundary-less leadership to serve the demands of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and a more diverse patient population.   Glenn’s organization launched the first online healthcare magazine that speaks to Hispanic patients, in-culture:

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