Latina Leaders Must Dive-In, Not Just Lean-In

05/22/2015 12:41PM

The dive-in-principle is not about being overly aggressive or focused on self-promotion. It’s more the opposite. Diving-in is when you know that each decision you make towards being your most authentic self can potentially be that defining moment in your career that propels you forward as you reach for success and significance. Diving-in is about trusting yourself enough and making that conscious choice to enable your most natural skills and characteristics to build momentum for your personal brand.

Mastery of the dive-in principle helps you avoid the traps of workplace politics, complacency and fear – as you learn to channel your awareness, instincts and natural capabilities to most effectively see, sow, grow and share the opportunities before you. The best Latina leaders are opportunity experts who take action to seize the opportunities that are right in front of them. Unfortunately, opportunities seen are not always sown because we spend too much time doubting ourselves, searching for validation and/or lack the confidence to be accountable -- thus losing momentum and valuable time in the process.

When you don’t dive in, others will try to force their ways of thinking upon you and this is when your personal brand becomes most vulnerable to risk or failure. When you learn how to dive-in you gain a clear line of sight that enables you to influence growth, innovation and opportunities – because you can now see “beyond the obvious” and beneath and around workplace conversations and other employee engagement dynamics. You are now in a powerful position to develop and live your personal brand at full strength.

When you dive-in, it’s a commitment to self-discovery – a journey of defining yourself as a leader and how this will shape the manner in which you will serve others by consistently elevating your natural skill sets, capabilities, and industry know-how. When you dive-in, you are not only doing it for your own advancement but equally for the betterment of others – employees, clients, industry, board members, community, etc.

Diving-in is not about self-promotion – but about how you consciously and strategically manage your personal brand as a leader and as a great role model, mentor, and “platform” that both women and men can depend upon.

Key Learnings Include:

·       Seamlessly deliver the most genuine executive presence that represents who  you are and what  you stand for

·       Learn  how women are wired to naturally lead and enable business growth

·       Apply the six characteristics of the 21st century leader in your leadership role

·       How women leaders are able to adapt to change and uncertainty

·       Why women leaders excel at fostering growth, innovation, and opportunity

·       How women leaders motivate and inspire a collaborative teamwork environment that fosters trust and loyalty

·       How women professionals can lead their own advancement (and that of others) in the workplace

·       Awaken  your most authentic identity to develop your personal brand as a leader

·       Discover your brand value proposition and learn to deliver its distinction using 3 critical communications strategies

·       Learn the 4 skills to elevate  your career and organization and how you can create a workplace culture that fosters innovation and initiative

·       Gain proficiency in the ultimate 5-step guide to leadership brand mastery

·       BONUS: Speed Branding – where workshop participants will help you define your brand!


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