Preparing U.S. Leadership for the Seismic Cultural Demographic Shift™

05/22/2015 12:35PM

Every day, Fortune 500 companies and leaders across all functional areas and departments are unknowingly creating tension points with their employees, clients and consumers. Why?  Because they lack the cultural know-how to most authentically engage with them – and this is what’s making it so difficult to capture favorable and sustainable ROI.  

Mr. Llopis believes that it’s no longer just about “diversity” per se and it’s no longer just a numbers/representation game.    It’s about a seismic cultural demographic shift – as Hispanics along with African-Americans and Asian-Pacific Islanders surpassed one-third of the U.S. population in 2010 and are on track to reach 54% of the population by 2050 – making them the minority-majority.   Combined, they surpassed $2.5 trillion dollars in purchasing power in 2010 and will continue to impact business strategies, and enable growth and innovation, as companies seek to strengthen their talent and consumer engagement.

Llopis has seen first-hand that very few corporations are investing in this enormous opportunity because they are not culturally intelligent enough to see the bottom line impact the cultural shift has on their employees, suppliers and consumers – and their uniquely different needs.  As a result, every day, Fortune 500 companies and their leaders are unknowingly creating tension points with their employees, clients and consumers.   Llopis outlines the step-by-step strategies and tactics to capture the revenue and market share opportunities embedded in the cultural demographic shift that will allow corporations to win the markets that very few are laying claim to. 

Llopis believes that at its core, the cultural shift is about change management and the influence it has on corporate business models.   He believes that across all industries, business leaders must now consider the strategic implications of cross-cultural intelligence, diversity of thought and the rapidly evolving insights from the changing face of America’s workforce and consumers.

During this program, you will learn:


  • How the demographic shift can strengthen your talent acquisition and consumer engagement models; how talent and business development represent two sides of the same coin;  and why culture is the new currency for growth.
  • How leadership must create clarity and alignment by designing an ecosystem to prepare the organization internally and externally for the cultural shift.
  • Four ways to measure the ROI impact of the cultural demographic shift.
  • How the cultural demographic shift creates competitive advantage for your brands, business model and overall human capital strategy.
  • How the cultural demographic shift is accelerating the transition from a knowledge-based to a wisdom-based economy and how this impacts your enterprise’s competitive edge.
  • How the cultural demographic shift demands authentic engagement with your employees and consumers and what this means to your acquisition strategies in support of the cultural shift.

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