Did you know? The CHL Academy’s Online Certification

05/22/2015 01:41PM

 The multi-million dollar, web-based, interactive virtual training and communication platform –developed, enhanced, and perfected since 2007 – is designed to emulate what happens in a live training environment. It tracks, monitors and measures everything a user does, and has built-in real-time reporting and notification features.

The Academy offers corporate engagement plans for companies seeking enterprise-wide training for multiple employees. The corporate plan includes advanced reporting features and extended reporting tools so that your talent management team, department leaders and managers can monitor training participants, hold them accountable for completing courses, and measure content engagement and retention.  

Hispanic professionals can receive certification from CHL Academy when they successfully complete the courses in the Academy program. Certification puts talented Hispanic leaders and high-potential employees on the fast track by helping them tap into their innate skills, influenced by their cultural values, and leverage them as powerful sources of strength. The proven curriculum has certified thousands of participants across hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies – enabling their full potential and giving them a distinct competitive advantage.

For companies that are interested in corporate engagement plans to support enterprise-wide training for several employees, we offer special volume-based pricing. The corporate plan also comes with extended reporting and advanced reporting features for your talent management team, department leaders and/or managers so that they can monitor training participant, hold them accountable for completing the courses and measure content engagement and retention.

Fees vary depending on the number of participants you wish to enroll. Please contact Annette Prieto at aprieto@centerforhispanicleadership.com or via phone at 949-387-2609.

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