Know Your Hispanics (for Non-Hispanic Professionals)

05/22/2015 01:43PM

Through interactive virtual training, Glenn Llopis teaches you how to understand the natural ways Hispanics think, act and are motivated to buy.   He will introduce you to the six cultural characteristics that shape the mindset of Hispanics so that you can more successfully earn their loyalty and trust as employees and clients for your business.

This online program is designed to help executives, co-workers, small business owners, leaders, and marketers master the basics to get you started on your journey towards building relationships and maximizing the potential of Hispanic employees and consumers.   Learn about their mindset, and their natural behaviors and tendencies to help increase productivity, and sales results

Whether you are an executive at a Fortune 500 company or a department manager or small business owner, KNOW YOUR HISPANICS will give you the cultural insights to give you a leg up on the competition.

This training will provide you with the tools to learn how to connect and build strong employee, business and brand relationships with Hispanics by first learning - who they are as people. This will help you understand the Hispanic mindset and behavioral cues to be a more effective employer, co-worker, leader, or marketer using Glenn Llopis’ proven methods for success.

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