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Case Study: Target

05/25/2015 03:14PM

By Glenn Llopis

Seize the Opportunity

CHL Academy hosted, organized, led, facilitated, designed and co-hosted an all-day Target Hispanic Leadership Summit in Minneapolis. Based on the overwhelming levels of engagement that resulted from our piloted-launch of the Hispanic Leadership Training Program – the goal was to introduce the same content framework (highlighting the 6 cultural characteristics) exclusively to 100 selected Target Hispanic employees.

Embrace Our Approach

Our team converted the onsite training content framework into a set of plenary and concurrent breakout sessions that highlighted each of the 6 cultural characteristics.

Prior to the event, to ensure that the goals and objectives were clearly defined and that content momentum was strong prior to the date, each of the 100 participants was asked to complete the following:


  1. Read the eBook – The Six Reasons Why Hispanic Leadership Will Save America’s Corporations
  2. Successfully Complete Online Course at Hispanic Training Center titled: Leverage Your Hispanic Heritage


To ensure that the momentum from the retreat/summit continues, all (100) participants were assigned a password to complete the certification program over the course of the six months.

Senior Executive Engagement (Pre-Summit)

Per Target’s recommendation, selected Senior Executives/Department Heads were invited to attend a dinner meeting prior to the summit. One of the goals for this gathering is to have an open-dialogue regarding the economic impact of Hispanics in corporate America, a briefing by Glenn Llopis that outlines the state of affairs across business, government, media, and the Hispanic community at-large.

The goal was to ignite constructive dialogue and address key questions, concerns and opportunities from those in attendance. Target believes that the unique skill sets that Hispanic employees can bring to the table are important and must be enabled consistently and authentically.



  • Target’s reinforced its commitment to the advancement of their Hispanic employees
  • Target further established a best-place-to-work environment for Hispanic employees
  • Increased engagement from Senior Executives and Department heads
  • Empowered Target Hispanic employees to embrace their unique identity that is influenced by culture
  • Served as the platform to enable Business Resource Council recruitment, engagement, participation and performance accountability


For more information about our leadership retreats for your organization, please contact Annette Prieto at or call 949-387-2609.

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The cultural demographic shift™ in the United States is about the workplace and marketplace telling us that it is becoming less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business. This is exactly why Hispanics – both entering the workplace in search of the right employer who will allow them to be their authentic selves as well as those professionals who have been battling the gulf between assimilation and authenticity – are now ready to advance as 21st century leaders by activating their immigrant perspective; that is, the influence their cultural values have on the natural ways they think, act and are motivated to perform at work.