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Johnson Establishes New Scholarship, Partners with Center for Hispanic Leadership

05/28/2015 09:37PM

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University is proud to announce a new partnership with the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL). For both individuals and leading organizations, the CHL serves as a training and consulting firm working to increases awareness of Hispanic leadership and the unique opportunities that exist to capitalize on emerging trends.

A key component of the partnership, the CHL and its Founder Glenn Llopis have donated a $150,000 scholarship grant for up to 300 of Johnson’s Hispanic and Latino students. This grant will provide students with access to CHL’s online Hispanic Leadership Academy (HLA). The HLA is an interactive leadership course leveraging culturally relevant curriculum to develop and empower Hispanic and Latino professionals. According to CHL, the HLA curriculum helps participants see the potential for their distinct skillset to promote workplace innovation, growth, and expansion.

“We are thrilled to further develop our relationship with the CHL through this partnership, and we thank them for their generous donation,” said Nsombi Ricketts, senior director of the office of diversity and inclusion. “This opportunity will help build upon ODI’s goals to provide comprehensive training in diversity, global leadership, and career advancement for our students.”

As participants of the Johnson-branded HLA platform, Johnson’s Hispanic and Latino students will be able to utilize various modules and tools to help activate and hone the characteristics that make them great leaders. Access to this resource weaves across all of Johnson’s MBA Programs, as students in both the Executive and Full-Time MBA Programs will be able to benefit from the dynamic content in the HLA.

The Llopis family’s connections to Cornell University run deep, as Frank Llopis was the first Hispanic student to graduate from the university with a chemical engineering degree in 1940. Glenn Llopis, who donated the $150,000 gift in his father Frank’s name, served as the 2012 ODI Diversity Symposium keynote speaker and used the talk to educate audience members about the six skills that enable diversity in business.

To learn more about Johnson’s partnership with the CHL and the new content available to students in the Johnson-branded HLA platform, contact Johnson’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

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