Leading Hispanic Employees - For Non-Hispanic Supervisors

05/22/2015 01:15PM

Hispanics are the fastest growing workforce in the United States and organizations must become more culturally proficient in support of their Hispanic employees, customers and overall business goals. To prepare for the seismic cultural demographic shift, market leaders know they must acquire Hispanic cultural intelligence and apply this know-how to embrace unique outcomes that diversity of thought can bring and to create new opportunities for competitive advantage.  Knowing how to best lead your Hispanic employees will give your organization a leg-up to recruit and retain top Hispanic talent -- while creating a workplace environment that maximizes their engagement, overall performance and workplace satisfaction. 

Leading Your Hispanic Employees and Discovering Their Full Potential is a one-day intensive program that has proven to teach Fortune 500 non-Hispanic executives, department leaders and colleagues how to  immediately apply the required tools and resources to best lead, motivate, mentor and support their Hispanic associates to become high-performance employees.

CHL Academy Cultural Characteristics Framework serves as a powerful guide and behavioral tendency tool to learn how Hispanic employees think, what their performance tendencies are and how to earn and advance a trustworthy relationship with them.  The goal and focus of the training will be on teaching non-Hispanic leaders how to identify the most common workplace behavioral cues and tendencies in order that they can successfully lead, leverage and encourage Hispanic employees’ natural strengths and proactively avoid potential tension points that may disrupt engagement and overall performance.

Key Learnings Include:

Through group-think situational analyses, case studies and pre-work assessments, participants will gain a deep understanding of the Cultural Characteristics Framework and how to apply it to lead their Hispanic employees as they:


  • Familiarize themselves with the Hispanic mindset, how they think and their natural behaviors – to help increase associate productivity and client engagement, sales results, and market share.
  • Understand the required tools and resources to build strong brand relationships with Hispanics by first learning who they are as people and how culture shapes their thinking and what motivates them to buy.
  • Learn to create genuine employee relationships centered on trust and understanding, where Hispanics feel they are authentically valued and respected.
  • Gain proficiency in the multiple ways to build a Hispanic-led business and how it can organically accumulate its own intellectual capital over time that can be leveraged for success.
  • Translate behavioral cues, avoid stereotypes and understand cultural nuances to maximize performance and overall engagement. 
  • Learn to see through the Hispanic associate lens to consistently be more aware and culturally sensitive – and to assure that you are not unknowingly creating tension points, before and during the relationship, that can threaten long-term loyalty.

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