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Retail Leadership: Case Study

05/25/2015 03:22PM


The Clients:

• Verizon is a $120 billion American broadband and telecommunications company that employs over 176,000 employees with over 2300 retail locations. They design, build and operate global networks, information systems and mobile technologies that connect people, grow businesses and economies, and improve communities.

• Home Depot is a $78 billion American retailer of home improvement and construction products and services. It operates many big-box format stores across the United States (including all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands and Guam), all ten provinces of Canada, as well as Mexico; with an estimated 2248 store locations.

• Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, the company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and incorporated on October 31, 1969. It has over 11,000 stores in 27 countries, under a total 55 different banners with estimated revenues of $476 billion in annual revenue.

The Opportunity:

Hispanic professionals are faced with an identity crisis at work that makes it difficult for them to be their most authentic selves, which in turn, impacts their ability to lead and perform at their highest levels. As a result, it is difficult for Hispanic professionals to get promoted, advance in their careers, and contribute to the organizations they serve in meaningful and purposeful ways.

Over 95% of non-Hispanic supervisors are unaware that cultural values influence the most natural ways Hispanics think, act and perform as leaders. Perhaps this explains why the identity crisis that Hispanic professionals are faced with in the workplace - is only allowing them to perform at 40% of their full potential, thus limiting their ability to advance into more senior leadership roles.

The Solution:

Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL), an operating division of the Glenn Llopis Group (GLG), hosted two-day intensive workshops that taught retail industry Hispanic professionals to be high performance leaders through group-think situational analyses, case studies, and personal branding exercises. The workshop that awakened them to be their most authentic selves by leveraging specific inherent characteristics to:

1. see opportunity in everything

2. anticipate the unexpected

3. unleash their passionate pursuits

4. live with an entrepreneurial spirit

5. work with a generous purpose

6. embrace their culture promise to leave a legacy

It is these six characteristics that define CHL’s proprietary Cultural Characteristics Framework that not only helped these retail industry Hispanic professionals become more decisive, inclusive, forward-thinking and influential leaders but also helped them achieve a balanced proficiency of the 4 opportunity mastery skills in their work. The workshop’s high-impact courseware was designed and inspired by GLG Chairman and CHL Founder, Glenn Llopis’ best-selling book, Earning Serendipity – 4 Ways to Create and Sustain Good Fortune in Your Work.

The Benefits:

As a result of the two-day workshop, participants were able to understand how to

• be effective leaders and enable business growth

• apply the six cultural characteristics of Hispanic talent in their leadership roles

• best leverage the 4 skills to create and sustain momentum as a Hispanic manager

• adapt to change and uncertainty

• excel at fostering growth, innovation, and advancement

• motivate a teamwork environment

• lead their own advancement in the workplace

• awaken their most authentic identities to develop their personal brands as a leader

The Outcomes:

Since 2007, CHL has trained more than 20,000 Hispanic professionals across the United States. The following statistics are based on CHL post evaluations as well as follow-up engagement with CHL workshop alumni and their respective organizations.

• 30% of CHL workshop participants are promoted within a year

• Hispanic employee workplace engagement increased by more than 70%

• Hispanic employee self-confidence/trust increased by more than 83%

• Hispanic employees share their ideas and ideals 65% more than they did prior to the workshop

• Hispanic employee retention rates increased by 69%

• Recruitment of Hispanic employees increased by 41%

Client Testimonials

“Tremendously enlightening workshop! Incredible experience. I learned more in this program than the Harvard Business School Executive program.”

Jesse Thompson | Walmart

"The CHL workshop was absolutely amazing!"

Laura Gonzalez | Verizon

"The CHL workshop was the most profound, thought-provoking and insightful professional development experience of my career."

Wendy Hernandez | Home Depot

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The cultural demographic shift™ in the United States is about the workplace and marketplace telling us that it is becoming less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business. This is exactly why Hispanics – both entering the workplace in search of the right employer who will allow them to be their authentic selves as well as those professionals who have been battling the gulf between assimilation and authenticity – are now ready to advance as 21st century leaders by activating their immigrant perspective; that is, the influence their cultural values have on the natural ways they think, act and are motivated to perform at work.