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Workshop: Discover Your Leadership Impact and Influence

06/08/2015 06:41AM

Hispanic professionals are faced with an identity crisis at work that makes it difficult for them to be their most authentic selves – which in turn impacts their ability to lead and perform at their highest levels.  

As a result, it is difficult for Hispanic professionals to get promoted, advance in their careers and contribute to the organizations they serve in meaningful and purposeful ways.   

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In fact, did you know that over 95% of non-Hispanic supervisors are unaware that cultural values influence the most natural ways Hispanics think, act and perform as leaders?   Perhaps this explains why the identity crisis that Hispanic professionals are faced with in the workplace is only allowing them to perform at 40% of their full potential, thus limiting their ability to advance into more senior leadership roles.

The Solution:  CHL’s Cultural Characteristics Framework: 100% Endorsed by Prior Workshop Participants

CHL’s intensive two-day workshop will teach you how to be a high performance leader through group-think situational analyses, case studies and personal branding exercises that will awaken your most authentic self to: 1) see opportunity in everything, 2) anticipate the unexpected, 3) unleash your passionate pursuits, 4) live with an entrepreneurial spirit, 5) work with a generous purpose, and 6) embrace your culture promise to leave a legacy.     These six characteristics define CHL’s cultural characteristics framework,  which will not only help you become a more decisive, inclusive, forward-thinking and influential leader – but will also help you achieve a balanced proficiency of the 4 opportunity mastery skills in your work.   The workshop’s high-impact courseware was designed by CHL Academy Founder, Glenn Llopis, and inspired by his best-selling book, Earning Serendipity,  which participants will receive upon registration.  

Here’s the great news:   the aforementioned six characteristics define the requirements to be a 21st century leader, yet they come most naturally to those Hispanic professionals that allow their cultural values to influence the ways in which they lead.    These are the characteristics that Mr. Llopis features in his popular leadership writings on, read by millions of leaders annually. 

 Workshop Learnings / Takeaways:

The CHL Academy experience combines real-world workplace scenarios with “gamification” techniques to test and improve your ability to be most authentic and effective in how you make decisions, enable the full potential in others and solve for the most promising opportunities.  

The CHL Academy will awaken the natural skills and characteristics that are influenced by your cultural values – but that oftentimes lie dormant.  Through a full immersion of high-impact, interactive training, participants become more self-aware of how they are developing the impact of their personal brand as a leader. By being mindful of how you are influencing the success of the other participants, the significance that you seek can be reached as a culture of self-trust and high performance is achieved together.

This program also includes interactive pre-work assignments, plus a “one-on-one” coaching session with Mr. Llopis to optimally prepare you for the ultimate workshop experience.

You’ll learn:

·       Why Hispanics are born to be effective leaders and enable business growth

·       To apply the six cultural characteristics of Hispanic talent in your leadership role

·       To best leverage the four skills to create and sustain momentum as a Hispanic manager

·       How Hispanic leaders are able to adapt to change and uncertainty

·       Why Hispanic leaders excel at fostering growth, innovation and advancement

·       How Hispanic talent allows a Hispanic leader to motivate a teamwork environment

·       How Hispanic professionals can lead their own advancement in the workplace

·       To awaken the most authentic identity to develop  your personal brand as a leader

·       Bonus:  Speed Branding!  Where your workshop peers define your personal brand.

It’s time to start discovering your leadership impact and influence – and stop creating barriers to advancement.

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The cultural demographic shift™ in the United States is about the workplace and marketplace telling us that it is becoming less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business. This is exactly why Hispanics – both entering the workplace in search of the right employer who will allow them to be their authentic selves as well as those professionals who have been battling the gulf between assimilation and authenticity – are now ready to advance as 21st century leaders by activating their immigrant perspective; that is, the influence their cultural values have on the natural ways they think, act and are motivated to perform at work.